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Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
ticker at he bottom of yur screen. feeling the effectssof sandy. buu it could have been a lot rse. 3wknow yd rr sglgh emergency crees want to help. help.tom rodgers has more on what our responders are doing to aid in their recovery... along wwth yyur othee top stories. right now... about padi. icts ccrrying much needed supplies... are on thh roaa jeesey.they left the public safety traininn accdemy on northerparkway around 5 p'clock his morning... knowing they have a big job ahead.right now the deeth toll is expectee to rise.there aae 2.1 illlon homes and bbsinesses still without power. more than 100 homewere burned or destroyed. &pyesterday... our mayorr aanounced the pple of baltimore will stand with the people of new jersey and new yohoesuin ::5 it feels good doing whattwe're trained to do looking foward toothe challenne challengewee'e told food supplies are also scarce there... lines at gas stations ectoono and tempatures expecced to stay 7 to 100 ays workinggattleast 12 hours a day. sseady ppogress continues in restoring powee to the thousandd leftn the dark, esville, and ii st
Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
storm sandy... turns violent..nn ew york... authhrities arrested a driver... for allegedll pointing a un at another cuusommr... who complained he cut him in line. line. a similar story in new jersey... where drivers aae facing major ddlays in this is a line of cars stretching over two miles... jjst to gee to a wwwa gas station. uperrstorm sandy left many gassstations some indussry experts saa problems may continue for a week. another problem facinn new jersey residents... is vvting. ddploy military trucks... to serve as polling pllces for storm-battered communities. it's unclear how any of the state's 3-thousand polling placee have electricity... but at his point... mooe thaa customerssare sttll wittout ppwer. rocker jon bon jovi is &pcanceling his european ttur.. to get back to new jersey.the singer... who's oriiinally from the garden state....sayy effort... by cleaning up his y - non-profittrestaurant... in residents.right now the charity restaurant is closed because it has no power... but bon jovi says he'll find a generaaor and get the doors poen again soon..- 3
Nov 15, 2012 9:00am EST
the damage left behind by super storm sandy isn't stopping the efforts... to rebbild a portion of the ceann ccty boordwalk.according to the daily times of salisbbry... he project ssffered just a two--ay setback during the storm... bb completed in april.crews section f the boardwalk - flooddaters rom sandy never - reached the wooksite. p3&aaholiday tradition ntering right now in howard county. the poinsettia tree is bbing assembled at thh "mall in polumbia" joel d. smith is live there now to ind out what makes ttii so pecial to the people there, anddwhat kind of crazy done. ggod morning joel d. 3 3 3 3&paanodd 20-year arrragg... .actress janeane garofolo didn't even eallze was legal... is now legally over. garooolo nd writer...producer rob cohen got married in las attorneyydiscovered he -ttt decades old nuptiaa was still p3a thankssiving feast... like other.the oregon grille jjins us live to taal about their holiday special this year. year.they''l also walk us through hhw to make a tasty pisque your guestssareesure to enjoy. you're watching fox 455good day baltimore. ((
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
caused by super storm can see train stations's storm... and booh stations still remmiinsuspended. 3 the boss issgeetiig in the holiddy spprit... he'ssgearing up to hold at a benefit concert... to helpp with the recovery effort from superstorm sandy. bruce springsteen is just one of tte celebrities lending a voicc to the show... which willlbe held on decemmer 12th at madison square garden. other stars incllde pauu mccartney, billy joel, aliiia it seems somewhat fitting thaa one of the biggest movies of the year opened up in the middle of the night... especially when you consider it is about vampires. we're talking about twilight's - finaa movie! joel d. smith is live in white marsh where the late night next show starts very soon. good morning joel d. , what arr people saying? theettilight saga: breaking 33 3 3 live in wwite marrh, joel d. smmth, foo 44 mmrning news. 3-& coming up... crrssing guards... are being removed from √°dozens√° of reaaon why... minutes from now. and if your name is angela robinssnn... you haveeless than 10 minutes to call... to claim your 1
Nov 8, 2012 9:00am EST
....where a owerful &ptheearea... hatts still --3 cannsee houses toopled ovvr... after being battered around.resiienns say it's too early in the season... to bee ealinn with snow. 1:00 "we're not reaay for &pthis. nnt yet. it's too cold. it'sstoo early for this" and headaches for air elays - ttavelers. hunnreds of fllghts in and out of the northeast have been canceled. singerrlady gaga is to help victims of superstorm - sandy. the artiit posted a new york and the american red cross on behalf of erself, her parents and sister. many other celebrities have also &pdonated their time and money, &ptoo... a ssar-filled tllthon recentty raised about 23- million bucks. if ou're traveling by laae crooded flight. flight.according too"airlines for america"... nearly 24-million peooleeare expected to fly between friday, november 16th and tuesday, &pnovember 27th.that's up 155- thousand passengers frrm last year.if you're looking or less crowded flight... ravel on thankssiving day. if you can't hold off until black friday to score the best llck.this yeaa... aamart is ssarting black friday
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am EST
by super storm sandy... will soon be ebuilt. payor rick meehaan.. who says the pier has tremenddus importance to the town and its visitors. meehan says hee pxxects it to be rebuill in time for the summer season.the projecttis expected to be very expensive. the hooe where michael jackson spent he months beeore his death has sold.. the 17-thouuand-square-foot lls angeles hhuse was sold for 18-point-1-million- dollars. concert promoter aae-g had been renting the &pthousand-dollars a month. the agent who sold he home declined to name the person was a member of a private it e - investmenn firm. thh queen of talk... is &plooking to get intoothe food business.oprah is reportedly fillng paperwork... to trademark "oprah's organncs." the company would sell organic foods and other items... like ooraa's representative is not commenting on theematter. 3 the fox hit "new girl" usually features very unique ssory liies and tonight's show issno . you can laughhalong with the crewwin the all new episode called "menzies" "menzies" jess' jobbsearch kicks into begins a "50 shades of greyy- type of
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6